Wednesday, February 22, 2012

100's of Buttons and Sounds HD Released for the iPad!!

Yet another release of Toneaphone's most popular application, "100's of Buttons and Sounds" has finally hit the shelves — but this time, in 3D!! Available HERE This installment will be the first universal application from Toneaphone. This is our largest collection of buttons to date (over 250 total)


100’s of Buttons and Sounds Ultimate HD Pro has an extensive library containing OVER 250 PREMIUM QUALITY SOUNDS!! With such a wide variety of buttons available, this app will keep you and your friends entertained for hours!!

- Now with Pitch Shift!!
- Over 250 buttons (and growing)…that’s right OVER 250!!
- Easily navigate through each page by swiping your finger across the screen!!
- Play pranks on all

Sounds Include:
Joke Drum, Wah Wah, In Yo Face Sucka, Wolf Howl, That was Easy, Gong, Jep Question, WTF, OMG, Woo Gah, Hallelujah, Surprise, Evil Laugh, Mi Scusi, Over 9000, Chainsaw, Awkward, Access Granted, Access Denied, Camera Snaph, Boo, Game Over, You Got Pwned, Ka Ching, Peace Out, Load Gun, Shoot Gun, Female Tennis Scream, and MUCH MORE!!!

Please make sure your Mute button is off and the volume is up to ensure proper functionality of this application.

Keep the 5 Star ratings coming, and we guarantee MAJOR UPDATES!!!!!

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