Monday, October 9, 2017

'Those Stickers Tho' is available now on iOS.



Enjoy over 35 modern-themed animated stickers for all of your everyday needs. Featuring several animated trendy stickers including:

• Boy Bye

• Drops Mic
• No Chill
• Mind Blown
• Take Several Seats
• Turn Up
• You Ain’t Never Lied
And so much more!

How to use iMessage Stickers:

• Tap the App Store icon alongside the message box in iMessage
• Tap the icon on the lower left corner and then the plus icon to access the App Store for iMessage. Tap Manage tab and find “Those Stickers Tho” to add them.
• You can peel and place them on anything in your conversation – bubbles, images, or even other stickers.

Enjoy these stickers with your friends and have a good laugh!


  1. Downloaded yesterday your 100 of buttons and sounds.
    What I regret and whats really missing is the ability to add a sound to a sms ...
    If this can be done ... will make your app more interesting and useful.
    Hope you can add this feature soon.

  2. I love Skillz Games I enjoy the lot

  3. How to make funny video sound

  4. Worked great until I purchased the app. And then the sound stopped working. Could not figure out how to get tech-support